WWE – WWE on HuluPlus! No more WWE Network?!

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View the Full Episode: ?revision3.com ? HDMI Specs: Just ignore 'em and plug in that cable! Buying the right UPS. With all the WiFi locations, do I really need Mobile Internet? Stream your wedding even if the church doesn't have WiFi! Was the iPad invented by 2001 film director Stanley Kubrick in 1968? 00:21 With so many companies bidding on Hulu, is it smart to buy a Plus subscription now, or should I wait? Watch the video for the pros and cons of biting the bullet or holding off. www.hulu.com www.hulu.com 01:30 If an HDMI cable is rated Category 1, does that mean it can only support 720p? Watch the video as Robert breaks down the specs and lays out what you need to know when buying a new cable. en.wikipedia.org 03:20 If my HTPC recommends a resolution of 1366x768, how does that translate to my 720p HDTV? Watch the video to find out at which stage scaling should occur for the best quality video. 05:19 New releases for this week include The Beaver, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Rounders, and more! Watch the video for details on our favorites, and check out High-Def Digest and High Def Disc News for the complete list of releases. www.blu-ray.com www.blu-ray.com www.blu-ray.com bluray.highdefdigest.com www.highdefdiscnews.com For the full Tekzilla Episode 246, please visit: ?revision3.com Stories in our full episode over at Revision3: *Kubrick Invented the iPad *Earthquake! *+1 Button Shares Pages *Android Malware Spike *BART Critics May Be Right! *Which UPS Should I Buy ...
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  1. MegaBarger says:

    I recently signed up for Hulu and found myself watching season 10 of family guy rather than watching the? 1 episode of raw they have, it really doesn't matter to me cuz I'd rather pay 240 Microsoft points to own the episode off of Zune than pay 8 bucks a month for the same thing.

  2. Andrew Frost says:

    Complete and utter bullshit. They want people to pay for their product, so they make it worse than the illegal streams by removing the matches we actually care about? No, Vince. No. If I want? to watch a product, I want to watch the WHOLE product, and if the only way I can do that over here in England is by watching an illegal stream, that's what I'll bloody well do.

  3. Matthew Rachmat says:

    not a big deal? if i miss raw or smack down i just watch it free at thescore.com

  4. daddykokobudda1 says:

    make a wish close your hand (fist) send this to 3 other videos?

  5. al232098 says:

    i? don't care about it i can still watch the episodes free online

  6. SpoofKing1995 says:

    Goldust vs Kane one? more time

  7. ILYS BG says:


  8. ninjachoco says:


  9. ninjachoco says:


  10. dontrll947 says:

    Todays my? BDay

  11. MrThebigmachine says:

    no more true long island story with? zack ryder
    thats not sick

  12. chri126y says:

    Is huluplus? free

  13. DaredevilHardy27 says:

    It's not a? big deal

  14. TheTaz1998 says:

    Now I can't watch full shows on youtube. NOOOOOO?

  15. dunlopys1 says:

    WWE on hulu = no more wwe footage on YouTube. Get ready for a mass take down of vids? from wwe.

  16. JayLegacy100 says:

    I hope the WWE network never comes to life. WWE Hulu is fine with me.?

  17. genis95 says:

    hulu plus subscription? paying money? to watch full shows? o wait free full shows on youtube. hmm hulu fucking sucks

  18. wwe1234567890qqa says:

    Toney wwe network won't happen wrestlzone said it has been on hold forever?

  19. verestanley says:

    Check out my channel? wwe theme freestyles

  20. BatmanArkamWorld says:

    yea? he is

  21. simac06 says:

    Im Canadian so? eh

  22. tdga7xknot says:

    Hulu? is garbage.

  23. AwesomeVV2012 says:

    Are you tonypizzaguy?

  24. wwejeffhardy03 says:

    not big deal 4 me cuz i'm? in CANADA!!!

  25. MrEvergreen25 says:

    For Americans only?

  26. MrDazzler1975 says:


  27. Nando85ec says:

    Hey fellows, I'm in south america and I have directv receiver with smartcard. The only problem is that I have prepaid service so my receiver is not 100%? digital... actually I still use component cables... Pretty sad... can I use other receiver with HDMI ports using my smartcard from DirecTV?? thanks!

  28. Raymond Tyson says:

    when does it get to a freaking point to where " oh well we made it WAY too wide now. it's a 1" tall? by 50 foot wide screen..um..maybe we should balance it out alittle more.." I have no problem with 16:9 it's CLOSE ENOUGH to a balanced width x height screen..


  29. Raymond Tyson says:

    wtf do these IDIOT movie aspect ratio programmers/ creaters..KEEP MAKING THE DAMN MOVIE WIDER THAN THE screens we have.1st it was? 16:9. I get a 16:9 screen. OH NO WE HAVE TO MAKE THE SCREEN WIDER than 16:9 so that it will appear on our customers' screens at home to have MASSIVEly fatter black bars on bottom and dop and if they try stretching it vertically to fill more of the screen it will look like stretched crap." F U stupid aspect ratio WISHY WASHY PEOPLE.16:9 stick wtih it!

  30. Raymond Tyson says:

    You're welcome :D?

  31. Raymond Tyson says:

    ok people to sum this up I HAVE TESTED THIS WITH MY? OWN EYES and 4 other people ( 2 of which are cable tech installers). I compared ALL sub 20.00 hdmi cables to the supposed hardcore$80+ dollar hdmi cables ( usually say 1.4a or 1.4b) guess what..the ONLY time the hardcore cables present either :1. better qualty. 2 smooth frame per second. or 3 BOTH is when using them with a 240hz led lcd tv or a 600hz plasma tv. if you tried both on 3 different branded 120hz tvs..NO difference vs cheap hdmi

  32. ComfyShortz says:

    I use a two dollar HDMI 1.0 cable from amazon.com, am I awesome or? what?

  33. rtardbox says:

    no matter how short your hair is you're body is still? FAT

  34. nav27v says:

    You know what, go to Walmart, buy the cheapest HDMI cable you can find, plug it in and BOOM, 1080p.

    I have done this countless times, and it always has the best quality, I'm sure of it.

    I if you pay? anymore that 10 bucks, GO WHACK YOU HEAD ON THE WALL!!!

  35. amusingisthedawn says:

    hulu plus? sucks, horrible sound quality, not so great visually either.

  36. chessdude67 says:

    Happy to help. I'm a big fan.

    Have? a great weekend!

    ? Tim

  37. TEKHD says:

    @donloxy24 it's okay Don, we? forgive you! 😉 Like @chessdude67 said, you can just click the thumbs up and it will change your vote!

  38. TEKHD says:

    Thanks for helping Don out Chessdude!?

  39. chessdude67 says:

    You just? hit the thumbs up and it will change from a thumbs down.


  40. William Allen says:

    ... try harder..?

  41. William Allen says:

    22nd! Oooooooooooooh be jelly?

  42. donloxy24 says:

    i accidentally disliked this vid im sorry?

  43. Evansmustard says:


  44. Kazukamichan says:


  45. NATA8986 says:

    My? comments are invisible !!!

  46. sean mulholland says:

    who? cares

  47. denbilla says:

    Does? that mean i'm over 9000.

  48. Kazukamichan says:


  49. mukup1 says:


  50. mukup1 says:


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